Food Allergies in the News

Tiny (hidden) food allergies and their effect on your health are all over the news, but you may not have noticed.

Here are a few headlines:

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Massive Cover Up in Texas about Radiation Levels in Drinking Water

KHOU-TV in Houston has uncovered a conspiracy concerning the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and also insnares the highest Texas office, Governor Rick Perry. Watch story on KHOU here.

Why does this matter to you? There are several reasons to be alarmed and demand change, for instance that the TCEQ ignored federal data and regulations issued by the EPA, cherry picked their own science to support their economical goals to avoid paying for safety upgrades on 35 now known violations. But in my view this unnecessary exposure to citizens of heavy metals is one of the reasons why we develop food sensitivities and other physical ailments.

In order to remove heavy metals yourself you’ll need to learn about chlorella, clay, cliantro extract, eating plenty of fiber, and chelation.

I hope you watch the story about this massive cover up in Texas to “save money” by exposing citizens to high levels of radiation. I wish I could embed the video for you but wordpress does not allow the KHOU-TV embed code. Instead, please click on the link here.

Nerissa Oden

How To: AFFORDABLE Food Sensitivity Test (IgG)

People often ask me, “What is the cheapest way to get a food sensitivity test?”

They add, “I don’t have insurance.”

The following steps outline the cheapest way to get a food sensitivity (hidden food allergy) test:

1. Order the $10 test kit from Alletess Labs website – The kit arrives with paperwork for you and items for the physician/clinic.

2. When filling out the paperwork check either “96″ food panel IgG OR “184″ food panel IgG. Checkmark “Diet” too. Fill in the Patient Info area. Next, select the option to “bill patient directly” (that’s you) and select “credit card” as the payment method. Fill in your credit card info.
[NOTE: Your card will be charged about $120 for 96 foods option w diet.]
[NOTE: The 184 foods panel will cost about $220 w diet.]
[NOTE: Test results will be sent to the clinic-- NOT to you.]

3. Take the kit to a walk in clinic OR affordable testing center and tell them you want to pay to get your blood drawn for the test kit you are holding. A charge for a blood draw should be about $20-$30
[NOTE: Not every clinic will draw your blood for a medical test that you purchased outside of their office.]

4. The clinic should call you when your test results are available to pick up in about 2-3 weeks. Go pick up your test results, or if they require, schedule an appointment.
[NOTE: You might have to pay for a doctor's visit, but since you paid the lab directly with your credit card they cannot pad the cost of the test.]

If you don’t already know how to read the test results then you will still need someone to explain your test results to you.

One person’s food is another’s poison,
Nerissa Oden

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