Telomerase Enzyme, Diet, Lifestyle and Health

The Nobel Prize for Medicine goes to three Americans! Together their research has launched a whole new field of research. Spanning 30 years they discovered Telomeres and Telomerase.

Telomeres– molecular caps at the end of chromosomes that protect DNA from degradation.

Telomerase– the enzyme that builds telomeres.

Scientists differ on their beliefs on IF  Telomerase spurs cancer growth and other diseases, OR IF it fights off diseases. Currently research is being done on both ends.

The scientists who hypothisize that  Telomerase is the key to cancer cell growths are currently working on vaccines to get the body to stop all production of Telomerase.

Scientists who hypothesize that Telomerase protects the Telemeres and thus contributes to less disease in the body are studying nutrition and lifestyle effects on Telomerase production.

Dr. Dean Ornish and others have already conducted one study and found that lifestyle and diet INcreased the Telomerase enzyme.  
Their report  states, “Comprehensive lifestyle changes significantly increase telomerase activity and consequently telomere maintenance capacity in human immune-system cells. Given this finding and the pilot nature of this study, we report these increases in telomerase activity as a significant association rather than inferring causation.”

Adding to this, I recently watched “Killer Stress” on PBS and was first informed of the unraveling and shortening of DNA chromosomes (Telomeres) and its correlation with a stressful lifestyle.

In short, I would predict that since we need healthy DNA chromosomes then we need the enzymes that protect the DNA strands (Telomerase.) And since a comprehensive healthy lifestyle (better nutrition, less stress, and moderate exercise) INcreases one’s Telomerase then I suspect we need more Telomerase and not a vaccine that eradicates it. Time will tell.

I hope everyone takes this information through the lens of their food allergy test results. Get the test, and increase your nutrition using the test as a guide.

One person’s food is another person’s poison.
Nerissa Oden

Some of the articles that informed me:

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